“You’re too old to do handstands on the street. You don’t belong here,” says my critical mind.

“You’re not the boss of me. I belong here and everywhere,” says my childish soul.

This tangled state of belonging….

I belong when I’m fully present in my body, on my yoga mat and with my breath. I belong when I’m seen and known, held and heard, at the same time. I belong when I feel the tug and ache of being alive. I belong when my heart is broken open, and I hold nothing back. I belong when I listen so deeply, and the other holds nothing back. I belong when I am grateful for who I am and what I have. I belong in the presence of my children, my gifts. I belong when my soul is ruling.

I don’t belong in crowds. I don’t belong in arguments. I don’t belong when I walk into an empty house. I don’t belong when I’m not being authentic. Often I don’t belong when I log onto social media and I see your pictures and posts. I don’t belong in these places because my mind is ruling and it tells me I am less than, not enough, wanting, wishing, will never have. And the same may be true for you.

So greetings from here and everywhere. How about we find our way to belonging by losing our minds together? Even if you can’t do what I do or I don’t have what you have, we’ll look beneath the outer forms and see the sameness instead. We’ll take off our masks and let ourselves be seen and known by our courage and vulnerabilities instead. We’ll belong together in our imperfections and our humanity. All we need to do is stand next to each other, be honest and breathe.