There are certain shapes we set out to achieve only to find they are nothing like what we thought they would be. We chase after the square, the happily ever after, the peaceful content. But often we keep ending up with a rhombus, the challenging relationships, and the uncomfortable. The shapes we end up in are the ones worthy of exploration... staying with tenderness and compassion to that shape we're in now and befriending that.

I can't find my square, but there's this rhombus that keeps showing up. Two triangles - one pointing downward (Yin) and the other upward (Yang). The human ego lying atop the inner focus. "When the geometric shape of the rhombus appears a significant change is installed within the consciousness of a human being; one that supersedes the limited ego-self of the human personality and that acts for the benefit of all people." Ohhhhh....maybe a rhombus isn't so bad afterall. 😄

Slow down. Don't feed the hungry ghost always aching for more or better. Digest what you've been given - the disappointments and the aches, as well as the joys and the successes. Look at the pieces of the form, care for yourself in this raw and wild way.