I Am

I feel most comfortable on the ledge. Where it's not the shallow shallow or the deep because let's be honest, we'd drown in both.

I'm tenacious, sometimes I fly right into the raging storm rather than away. I'm not a boss or a leader or a self-described "public figure." (who is that, really??) I'm more of a gentle guide. I mix okay with others, but feel more comfortable in a higher altitude. I have big eyes (better to see you with) and long arms (better to hold you with, my dear).

I nurture my young, my hearts, but I'll push them off the ledge when it's time. I test before trusting. I don't land on unstable bases. One (or 2 or 20) times with your indecision, and I'm off for good. When I'm old and weak, I'll retire to the rocks, but I'll never give up living. I AM A(N) _________.