Speak Up

I am the most apolitical person you’ll ever come across. I have no agenda and very little platform other than to #justbekind. But today’s message encouraging women/me to “disappear” on social media crushed me. My little family has been on the receiving end of being ignored in a room with the pretense that we don’t exist. It’s an excruciatingly effective tactic, but this is the wrong message. I don’t need any encouragement to disappear, but I need a lot to speakup, to make myself seen and to be heard. I’m working so hard to find my voice and speak my truth, and my most rewarding efforts are to help others find theirs – women and men.

If you have a platform, then please please use it to preach love, kindness and inclusion rather than fear and indignation. Encourage us to never disappear, to never hide our truths, or our faces, our beautiful warped selves, and, most importantly, our voices. Not even for a second. So instead of turning off my social media, I’m posting this shoulderstand at the very end of this blackout. It’s a yogapose that helps clear our throat so we can speak our truths and be heard. I’d much rather see women all over the world doing any variation of this pose rather than to have us all disappear.